Taking Notes at General Conference

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Over the years I’ve written pages and pages of notes from General Conference, reread some of them, and then sadly have put many of them aside. In the past I tried to write down what I thought the speaker was trying to teach me. However, this October I decided to take my notes differently. So, after reading the article “Getting More Out of General Conference,” from the April 2012 Ensign, I decided to divide my notes into various sections. First, at the top of each page for each session of conference I listed the heading:

My Current Concerns
What are some questions or concerns I currently am seeking answers to?

Then for each talk I listed these headings:

Words of Wisdom
What were some thoughts, quotes, or stories that had meaning to me?

Words of Warning
What are some warnings I need to head?

What blessings will I receive if I head this counsel?

Changes to Make
What changes do I need to make in my life now?

This will be a new experience, but one I am looking forward to. Hope you enjoy General Conference as well.

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Getting More Out of General Conference 

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