Site Review: “My Food Storage Cookbook”

Many of you have asked where you can find food storage recipes and ingredients. I’ve always felt it is important to learn how to cook whatever you store. But, honestly, my weakness, is cooking. Not to be too hard on myself, my strength is organization and gathering. So I was super excited to discover a great website called My Food Storage Cookbook created by Megan. Over the past two years she has been testing recipes out on her family and sharing them on her site.

You will enjoy watching her videos. She teaches you how to create your own DIY family cookbook. I particularly like how she shows you her method of categorizing her recipe cards.

She also shows you her system for taking inventory.

Check out her ideas on color-coding your recipes in your cookbook for various uses: green – long-term meal, red – 3 month meal, blue dot – pantry meal, and yellow dot – Sun Oven meal.

Great ideas, Megan! I’m looking forward to learning some great food storage ideas. Check out My Food Storage Cookbook and learn how you can become a food storage family.

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