Ways You Can Help With Hurricane Sandy Relief

Mormon missionaries in a New York neighborhood

When disaster strikes far from home, it’s hard to just sit and watch. If you are looking for a way to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, here are a few:

LDS Charities: 100% of Every Dollar Donated is Given
“When disasters occur, LDS Charities sends food, clothing, medical supplies, and other emergency relief assistance to bless the lives of those with urgent needs. One hundred percent of every dollar donated is used to help those in need without regard to race, religion, or ethnic origin.”

When I filled out the donation form, I clicked on Humanitarian Aid and typed Hurricane Sandy in the Comments box. Go to the LDS Philanthropies website and click on DONATE ONLINE.

Goal Zero: Solar Powered Devices
Goal Zero, makers of portable solar powered devices that want to bring safe energy to many people still without power, currently has a truck full of chargers headed to those hit by Hurricane Sandy. You can watch the progress of there truck crossing the U.S here. From now until November 15, if you buy one device for yourself, then they will give one to someone free.

“Every purchase you make from our online store at www.goalzero.com, we will match the dollar amount and give that same amount in relief aid in the form of Goal Zero product. You’ll be a direct contributor to restoring power, reconnecting families, and running critical life-saving equipment on the east coast.”

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