Food Storage Goals: January Week 1 – Evaporated Milk

This week our food storage focus is evaporated milk.

STEP 1: 3-Month Supply (per adult) – 1 can of evaporated milk
Recipes: see Very Best Baking. Practice using evaporated milk this week.
Tip: Milk solids settle, so flip cans upside down every month or so, and then flip another month.
Shelf Life: 1 year for best quality

STEP 2: Drinking Water – 14 gallons (FEMA) or about 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water
Tip: Stock up this month! It’s everywhere today, but it may not be tomorrow. Buy more to replenish what you use.
Shelf Life: indefinite

STEP 3: Financial Reserve (per person) – $2.00 +/- per week
Tip: Start your fund this month! Use only for emergencies. Keep some in the bank and some cash at home.

STEP 4: Longer-Term Supply (per adult) – None this week

Home Storage: Toiletries Group 1 (per adult) – Toilet paper
Tip: Average use is 1 roll per week. If you want a 3-month supply, stock 12 rolls. Use your best judgment.

Preparedness Goal – Decide where to store your drinking water.
Note: You are only storing emergency drinking water, not water for sanitation or cooking which we will gather another month.
Tip: Keep water away from heat and store some on every level of your home in case you can’t get to it on one level. Do not store water directly on the cement. On 2×4’s or a shelf is better.
Photos: Check here and here or see more ideas on my Pinterest board.

Equipment Goal – An emergency prep book
Tip: Find a book that has practical ideas for preparing for a disaster. Preview books at or another book site. Or check them out from a library. See my Shop Page for some ideas. I like “Just In Case” by Kathy Harrison and “Handbook to Practical Disaster Preparedness for the Family” by Arthur T. Bradley.

Weekly Inventory – Water
Tip: Check your supplies for breakage, spillage and replenish if needed.

Good luck on your goals this week. So excited to get moving this year. You CAN do it! Go here to see a printout of the January 2013 Food Storage list.

Each week, I post various food storage and emergency items to gather. By stocking up year round, you build up your supplies economically, use some, leave some on the shelf, and buy some more. Cycling keeps your items fresh and integrated into your everyday diet. I’ve incorporated the LDS 4-Step Approach to Home Storage, but with my suggested items to gather.

Work on STEP 1, 2 and 3, before moving to STEP 4: Long-Term Food Supply. It may take you awhile to gather your 3-Month Supply, water and a financial reserve. As long as you are moving forward, that’s what matters most. Only gather what you can afford, will eat, and choose goals you have time for. Substitute other foods that work for your family.


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