Review: Red Cross Emergency Apps For Mobile Devices

Adding the free Red Cross mobile apps to my iPhone, could help save a life. I love some of the features of these apps, and wanted to share them with you.

“A spokesperson for the Red Cross told MobiHealthNews that the average daily count for Red Cross apps in October was 369 downloads. The average number of downloads per day between October 25th and October 30th was about 66,000. The peak day for Red Cross app downloads was October 28th, the day before Sandy hit New York City, and Red Cross saw about 144,000 downloads for its apps that day alone.”

Here’s a bit about the Red Cross apps I have:

Red Cross Earthquake App – This app will alert you when an earthquake happens near your address or another person’s address like your daughter in California. You can set your notifications based on the magnitude. For instance, mine is set to notify me if a 4.0+ magnitude earthquake hits within a 100 mile radius of my home address. Locations have to be in North America or that a U.S. territory, but there is a worldwide map that shows earthquakes which are 4.5 and above. There are also menus to help prepare you before, during or right after an earthquake. Also, help you recover, make an emergency plan, and test your earthquake knowledge. For instance, “How many earthquakes have hit your area in the last 39 years?” Answer for me? 88. You can also find shelters if an earthquake happens near you.

Red Cross Wildfire App – We had a deluge of wildfires in Utah last year. This app will help you before, during and after a fire, and suggest recovery ideas. For instance in Recovery you might read, “For several hours afterward, recheck for smoke and sparks throughout the home, including the attic.” You can be warned if fires are within 100 miles of where you live, and find shelters. Earn badges for your wildfire knowledge.

Red Cross First Aid App – Love this! Have your first aid manual at your fingertips. No need to hunt it down the manual in your house or your poor memory. Has videos, quizzes and step-by-step first aid help. “What do you do when a person has anaphylaxic problems (breathing problems caused by allergies).” “Should I use ice to cool the burn?” “If clothes are stuck to the burn, should I try to remove them?” So many skills to brush up on.

You may also be interested in the Red Cross Hurricane app and the Shelter Finder app.

In addition, all apps let you donate to the Red Cross via text, share a story, find a blood drive near you and sign up for emergency courses.

Perhaps a new year’s resolution could be to learn lifesaving skills while waiting in line, instead of reading your Facebook messages. Hope you find these apps useful in your desire to help your family and others..

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