Food Storage Goals: January Week 2 – Cocoa Drink Mix

This week our food storage focus is cocoa drink mix.

STEP 1: 3-Month Supply (per adult) – 24 oz. or 1/4 #10 can cocoa drink mix
Recipes: see a homemade version here.
Why?: Useful during cold weather and emergencies to warm someone’s tummy.
Tip: You can make a homemade version using non-fat dry milk out of your food storage. However having a prepared supply is easy to grab for emergency use. If finances are tight, prepare your own.
Shelf Life: LDS Home Storage Center/Cannery has a 5.8 lb. can for $9.90 with a 2 year shelf life. Or check the shelf life on the brand you purchase. Costco and Sam’s Club in Utah carry a 4 lb. size for about $9.00

STEP 2: Drinking Water – 14 gallons (FEMA) or about 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water
Tip: Stock up this month! It’s everywhere today, but it may not be tomorrow. Buy more to replenish what you use. Skip this if you’ve already got it.
Shelf Life: see Still

STEP 3: Financial Reserve (per person) – $2.00 +/- per week
Tip: Start your fund this month! Use only for emergencies. Keep some in the bank and some cash at home.

STEP 4: Longer-Term Supply (per adult) – None this week.

Home Storage: Toiletries Group 1 (per adult) – Soap/body wash
Tip: Use your best judgment to figure out how much to stock. It’s cheaper to buy in bulk. Sam’s Club has 16/4oz bars of Lever2000 for $7.70 or .48 cents each.

Preparedness Goal – Learn how to purify water.
How: This FEMA handout has the instructions. Print it and keep in your emergency binder. Boiling is the safest method.
Tip: “Never ration water unless ordered to do so by authorities. Drink the amount you need today and try to find more for tomorrow.” FEMA
Emergency water sources: Melted ice cubes, undamaged water heater, liquid from canned foods, drained pipes. Do not drink from pools/spas, toilet bowls, water beds, hot water boilers.

Equipment Goal – Containers for drinking water
Tip: Check at camping or emergency supply stores. If you decide to store water in your own containers, choose those that are food grade safe. Glass is not recommended because of danger of breakage. Remember the container will be heavy after you fill it, so choose the size carefully. If you are using commercially bottled water, you can skip this goal.

Weekly Inventory – Beverages
Tip: Check your beverages for breakage, spillage and replenish if needed. Items such as shelf stable juice, soda, sports drinks, powdered drink mixes, lunch box drinks, or other canned beverages can be considered food storge.

Good luck on your weekly goals. You CAN do it! Go here to see a printout of the January 2013 Food Storage list.

Each week, I post various food storage and emergency items to gather. By stocking up year round, you build up your supplies economically, use some, leave some on the shelf, and buy some more. Cycling keeps your items fresh and integrated into your everyday diet. I’ve incorporated the LDS 4-Step Approach to Home Storage, but with my suggested items to gather.

Work on STEP 1, 2 and 3, before moving to STEP 4: Long-Term Food Supply. It may take you awhile to gather your 3-Month Supply, water and a financial reserve. As long as you are moving forward, that’s what matters most. Only gather what you can afford, will eat, and choose goals you have time for. Substitute other foods that work for your family.


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