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Over the past few months I’ve received some wonderful letters from my readers, and selected a few to share. I love all of your letters and comments, because I learn from each of you. You make me laugh, you make me cry, but best of all you keep me motivated to write. I want you to know that I never give credit to myself for what I have accomplished with this blog. I am thankful to my Father in Heaven who hears my prayers, listens to my concerns, counsels me, buoys me up and helps me create for you, my brothers and sisters. Thank you, everyone! 

December 19, 2012
“I just wanted to write to you and thank you for your blog. I was raised LDS and in my early teens my family fell away slowly. I am now married and have a daughter and I have asked my husband (he is a non member and was raised Presbyterian) to please attend church with me because I want to be active again, I have just had an un-easy feeling and ever since attending and learning more I have so much more peace.. I have been slowly, as our budget allows us, trying to build up our food storage.. I am still in the 3-month stage so I am at the very beginning but I spend as much time as I can trying to research how to go about it in the most effective way, and where to find the best priced bulk for when I get to start my long-term storage. I just came across your blog tonight and it is such a blessing.. I have previously made lists of where to start, what I will need, approx. costs of each step and my end goal. I have also realized rotating is important so I am now searching for good books to teach how to incorporate your food storage into daily use so that you keep it fresh and when you do need to sustain life on it, you will already know what to do with it, being a young wife and mother I am still learning my way around the kitchen so throwing basic ingredients at me and telling me to whip something up.. well it intimidates me a bit ;). I am not really sure why I have written you my story.. I just am very happy to have found your blog and so inspired to keep slowly building to my end goal! I also know that I will be referencing to your blog alot now 🙂 I wish you and your family the best and thank you SO incredibly much for taking your own time to build this blog.” T.W.

January 3, 2012
“I’m not LDS but I love the fact that I know I can go to the cannery in next state Ga and pick up supplies. I buy in bulk there and bring home to put up in mylar bags. I can’t put in #10 cans there, since I’m not a member, but they are helpful, kind and don’t have a problem explaining anything to you. I buy my mylar bags either there or online at the LDS online store. I have slowly built up my storage this way. The drive is 2 half hours but worth it! That is why I love this site, sharing all that knowledge with anyone. I appreciate the hard work and thank you for sharing it with me!” M.P. – Georgia

January 4, 2012
“Thank you for what you are teaching. Our children range in ages from 30 – 4. I lived in the Bay Area for 30+ years. Living in California’s earthquake ridden area I always had food storage, emergency back packs for my family as well as emergency school kits for my school age children. When I moved here to Sparks Nevada, 15 years ago, I got rid of all reminders of living an an earthquake area. What a foolish thing to do! I do still keep some food storage but that’s about it. This year I want to rebuild my emergency kits, and my food storage. Thanks to your website I feel I have found someone who can help me. Thank you. This month we are starting with your January food storage goals and getting containers for our 72 hour kits. My husband & I are both excited to be getting prepared for emergencies, with your help, we will be prepared by the end of this year. We are planning to give each of our Kids & Grandkids fully stocked emergency kits for Christmas next year. Again, we thank the Lord for guiding me to your web site.” K.H. – Sparks, Nevada

January 17, 2012
“I love your site and try and share as much on my fb page when you post or when I get weekly emails. I’m so excited about getting our weekly storage together. My family and I have been in the Gospel for 6 years now. I have always known about the Welfare teachings and food storage stuff but here in Australia OMG its just crazy trying to find alternatives to the rich and endless supplies you have in the States. We are so in the dark ages, most of my stuff has to be ordered from camping shops online, ebay etc. Finding websites and local suppliers for storage containers and Shelf reliance food is crazy!!!!!! and VERY expensive down under, but I’m coping, just taking longer trying to source equivalent to your stuff. I ordered my Tang from Ebay australia because it was so cheap to do and free shipping from USA, also when looking for equivalent products here in Australia I have to check out the ingredients and that also takes time. I wish we had an LDS food storage center here. I sourced the water bricks in the US and decided to order a pallet to be shipped to Australia which is 140 water bricks in total, they can also store our longterm shelf products as well as water. I was hoping to get a few families together to share the shipping cost. After an email was sent early this morning my inbox was flooded lol….. thats just crazy and really funny, are people sitting back to wait for information to come to them lol….I love our family money box @$2 pp a week which is $14 wk for my family. My children explain the money box to every visitor that comes in our house lol.. Ok sorry for the long novel I better finish here. Thank you for your time.” T – Australia

January 20, 2012
“I just want to, again, let you know how much you and your website have helped me and my family. This past Thursday we had a fast, but significant snowstorm here in southwest Virginia. Our schools closed early in anticipation of this weather event. As I drove passed the grocery stores I noticed how full the parking lots were and began a mental list of things I might need to do or buy before the storm hit. I thought of the many things I have read on your site and realized I needed nothing in the areas of food and supplies. I also realized I did not have anything pressing to do at the house. I had plenty of food and water, charged flashlights, alternative heat, and alternative ways to cook if needed. All I really needed was to have all my family members safely home. I pulled into my driveway as several neighbors were leaving for the store. At that moment, the snow began to fall. What did I do while others were at the store? I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, bundled up and took the dog outside to sit on our front porch to watch the snow fall quietly. It was a very peaceful experience watching the breath of God fall from the sky creating perfection around my beautiful Appalachian mountain home. I could not help but compare it to what God has done for us. My dog and I sat outside for about half an hour and then went inside and snuggled up to a movie as my family returned home, one by one, safe and sound. I am not LDS, but as a believer feel we share many of the same important beliefs. As always, I thank you for your guidance. I do enjoy the facebook “reminders.” Keep up the great work.” K.P. – Virginia

Thank you!

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