Make a 72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps: Step 4 – Personal Hygiene Items

The next step for your 72-Hour kits is personal hygiene items including toiletries, some sanitation items, bug spray and sunscreen. These items would be difficult to be without during a disaster. It’s important to keep these items small and lightweight, so they don’t make your bags too heavy.

I put our personal items in several plastic Ziploc bags so we can find them quickly, and to prevent items from water damage. The extra contact lenses are easy to forget to pack, so I moved them to the top of the list. They sure would be nice to have if you get dirt or soot in your eyes. You may want to ask your eye doctor if he is willing to give you a sample pair.

Another good idea is to put a label on the bags with a list of the contents. I haven’t done that, but things are packed so tightly in our bags and not used regularly, so it is easier to forget what is in them.

An inexpensive idea for toiletries, is to use the ones you get from a hotel. You can also ask your dentist for some sample sizes. And many of the items listed below can be gathered from your own supplies. You could get samples if you order them in the mail, but it will take longer. I went ahead and listed prices from a few stores. Adapt the list for the age and needs of each family member. More ideas can be found on my Pinterest board with 72-Hour Kit ideas.


  • extra glasses or contacts
  • contact lens solution (eye doctor sample)
  • travel toothpaste/brush ($1.00 Dollar Tree)
  • shampoo, lotion, body wash (hotel size)
  • deodorant ($1.00 Dollar Tree)
  • lip balm ($1.00 2 pk Dollar Tree)
  • razor ($1.00 10pk Dollar Tree)
  • washcloth ($1.00 4pk baby wash cloths Dollar Tree)
  • comb/brush/mirror (try folding brush/mirror combo)
  • pocket hand sanitizer ($1.00 for 3pk Dollar Tree)
  • pocket tissues ($1.00 for 8pk Dollar Tree)
  • toilet paper (put in a baggie)
  • cleansing wipes (put baby wipes in a baggie; or $1.00 30pk Dollar Tree)
  • feminine items (gather from your own supplies)
  • bug repellent spray ($3.75 REI)
  • sunscreen packets (Amazon)
  • diapers
  • baby wipes
  • small plastic bags for dirty diapers

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