Make a 72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps: Step 4 – Personal Hygiene Items

The next step for your 72-Hour kit is personal hygiene items including toiletries, some sanitation items, bug spray and sunscreen. These items would be difficult to be without during a disaster. It’s important to keep them small and lightweight.

  • I put our personal items in several plastic waterproof bags so we can find them quickly.
  • Label on the bags with a list of the contents.
  • An inexpensive idea for toiletries is to use the ones you get from a hotel.
  • Adapt the list for the age and needs of each family member.


  • extra glasses or contacts
  • contact lens solution (eye doctor sample)
  • travel toothpaste/brush ($1.00 Dollar Tree)
  • shampoo, lotion, body wash (hotel size)
  • deodorant ($1.00 Dollar Tree)
  • lip balm ($1.00 2 pk Dollar Tree)
  • razor ($1.00 10pk Dollar Tree)
  • washcloth ($1.00 4pk baby wash cloths Dollar Tree)
  • comb/brush/mirror (try folding brush/mirror combo)
  • pocket hand sanitizer ($1.00 for 3pk Dollar Tree)
  • pocket tissues ($1.00 for 8pk Dollar Tree)
  • toilet paper (put in a baggie)
  • cleansing wipes (put baby wipes in a baggie; or $1.00 30pk Dollar Tree)
  • feminine items (gather from your own supplies)
  • bug repellent spray ($3.75 REI)
  • sunscreen packets
  • diapers, baby wipes, small plastic bags for dirty diapers
  • These 10-piece travel kits are convenient because they come with several of the items you need, ready to go


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