How To Make A 72-hour Kit: Week 4 January Preparedness Challenge

Our fourth January preparedness challenge is to learn how to make a 72-Hour Kit. I’m not a 72-hour kit expert, but I get the highest number of views on my website about this topic, so I take it seriously. I want to help you succeed.Β Some people call it a bug-out-bag or grab-and-go kit, but they all have the same purpose: it’s the kit you grab when you evacuate. Everyone should have one at home and one at work. Let’s start with the one at home. It’s more expensive than most people think, so I broke it down into 12 steps so you can move as fast or slow as you wish.

Make a 72-hour Kit in 12 Steps

Breaking this down into the following steps will make the task less daunting. Each step has a brief article. And there is a printable with a list of items you may want in your kit.

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Get your family involved in this challenge. Don’t worry if you get behind, but keep moving.

Best wishes!

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