Make a 72-Hour Kit in 12 Steps: Step 5 – Activities

We don’t always think about what we are going to do at an emergency shelter after we evacuate, but it probably isn’t easy to sit around waiting and waiting when we are limited on communication with family, tired and stressed. I have never evacuated, so I can only imagine what it would be like for me. I would definitely want a few activities in my 72-hour kit to keep me preoccupied. Young children especially need something to do. These activities don’t have to be expensive, and should be lightweight.

Collect a few items and put them in a plastic zipper bag to protect them from water damage. Here are a few suggestions:

Step 5: Activities

    • Word Games – These could be printed online or you could purchase a small book from the dollar store. Crossword puzzles, word search activities, Sudoku, coloring pages, etc. If you are printing, print on the front and back of the paper. You can copy and reduce so you can fit 4 on one side and 4 on the other side.
    • Motivational Talks – Copy one of your favorite inspiring talks from the Ensign or other church magazine. Reduce it and add it to your bag.
    • Playing Cards Find an inexpensive set at the dollar store or in dollar bins at Target or Michaels. Perhaps Uno or Rook. Something your family regularly plays.
    • Notepad and Pen Probably the things a writer like me would want the most. A lightweight notepad to record my thoughts and feelings. Or it could be used to play games or even write an emergency note.
    • Small Toys – Choose a toy that you know your child will be excited to find in their kit. My youngest chose a small stuffed animal for her kit. Well . . . actually this morning I opened her 72-hour kit to take a picture to show you, and found it had multiplied to this:

I’m not sure when my sweet girl added all of the toys in the first picture to her 72-hour kit, but Mommy reduced the number items to a few and is hoping she will forgive me later.

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