Mom’s 10 Week Mission Preparation Countdown

Life for a mother of 7 is full of good things. I’ve just experienced a memorable week with my family. My husband baptized my youngest on Saturday, and my third son shared his mission experiences at church on Sunday. 

One of the special treats of my weekend was hearing my 8 year-old daughter play “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus,” on the piano in sacrament meeting, while two of her friends sang. Having all of my children together to hear my son speak was the icing on the cake. I love my family!

Later this week my 19 year-old daughter will receive her mission call, so I thought I would share a bit about mission preparation for those of you first time mission moms. But first, you may want to read how mission calls are assigned.

It’s comforting to know that an apostle of God is given inspiration to know where these young men or young women are needed in this world. Below is a portion of the talk Elder Rasband gave in 2010 entitled, “The Divine Call of a Missionary,” which shares his witness of the inspiration of mission calls. He says,

“At the end of the meeting Elder Eyring bore his witness to me of the love of the Savior, which He has for each missionary assigned to go out into the world and preach the restored gospel. He said that it is by the great love of the Savior that His servants know where these wonderful young men and women, senior missionaries, and senior couple missionaries are to serve. I had a further witness that morning that every missionary called in this Church, and assigned or reassigned to a particular mission, is called by revelation from the Lord God Almighty through one of these, His servants.”

The Savior knows where our children should serve. He knows their hearts. He knows the needs of others. He know the experiences our children need to go through to strengthen their own testimonies. He knows that it isn’t easy. He knows. I trust the apostles, and I trust Him.

Now on to the preparations. Remember, you can only help your son or daughter depending on how willing they are to have you help them. Each young adult is different, so my organizational ideas are just a guide. They can do this in any order they wish. You can email a copy to your son or daughter or use the list to work right alongside them. Hopefully this list will help them pace themselves, so you won’t worry too much.

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10 Week Mission Preparation Countdown
Click here for a printable pdf or xls copy

– wisdom teeth pulled
(usually when 17 or 18)
– get passport (if you can afford it,
get one in advance to save time)
– talk to bishop about desire to serve
a mission
– start filling out paperwork
– eye exam (ask for 18 mo.
or 2 year prescription)
– physical exam
– dental exam
– submit mission papers
– start temple prep class
– start mission prep class
– mission call comes 🙂
Week 10 – As Soon As
– review mission papers
– make copy of mission paper for Mom so
she can help you
– Mom make a mission binder to store paperwork & letters
– complete mission immunization shots
(if needed)
– complete acceptance letter and mail
– get passport-type pics taken for Visa
(if needed)
– complete Visa forms & mail
Week 9 – Temple Prep
– contact Bishop for temple recommend
– call temple to make appointment for
Week 8 – Temple Prep
– contact stake pres. for temple
recommend interview
– invite family to temple for
– purchase garments; baptismal clothes
– go through temple for first time
Week 7 – Paperwork
– submit college missionary deferment letter (if needed)
– make 2 copies of mission call to take into the mission
– 2 copies black/white of passport. Leave one home, carry other
– print, reduce and laminate 4-generation pedigree chart
– get driving record from DMV
– get driver’s license renewed, if needed
– notify bank you will be out of the country or state for 18 mo.
or 2 years so they will understand unusual charges.
– order new debit card so doesn’t expire during your mission
Week 6 – Purchases
– purchase copy of Book of Mormon in foreign language (if
– purchase mission clothes. Allow time for alterations.
– order contact lenses & glasses if needed
Week 5 – More
– purchase luggage, backpack, camera, mission supplies, etc.
– purchase approved church music
– finish clothing shopping/sewing
– mark name on all clothing tags with iron-on labels or fabric
Week 4 – Photos
– get mission picture
– make mini photo album with family
– set up mission site for family to
post letters
Week 3 – Religious
– decide on favorite scripture for
mission plaque
– give scripture and picture to clerk
for mission plaque
– reduce and laminate Patriarchal
blessing for scriptures
– reduce and laminate Priesthood line
of authority for scriptures
– contact bishop about
“farewell” talk date & topic
– get baptism pants hemmed
Week 2 – Last Minute Items
– final purchases
– start packing
– have membership record transferred to home ward, if needed
– write authorization letter & sign it so parents have
access to medical records
– label luggage. Use brightly colored tag to make yours stand
Week 1 – Last Minute Items
– get mission hair cut
– pack up room
– prepare mission “farewell”
– give account passwords to parents
– get cash out for MTC
– give up cell phone, computer, etc.
– have stake president set you apart
Day You Leave
– Report to MTC
– bring immunization card, drivers license, driving record
– have parents make mission payment first
day of month entering MTC

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