Food Storage Goals: April Week 14 – Canned Beans and Chili

For week 14, gather some canned beans and chili.

STEP 1: 3-MONTH SUPPLY (per adult) – Canned beans AND chili 14 cans.
Tip: The lovely thing about prepared canned beans is the health benefits and how easy they are to use. Canned beans can usually be found year-round and come with or without salt. Canned beans (not chili) should be rinsed and swished in cold water to help get rid of the gas-causing raffinose sugars. Beans are typically on sale during the April case lot sales in Utah for .50 cents per can. Or check your grocery ad for a good price to stock up on.
Shelf Life: About 2 – 5 years.

STEP 2: DRINKING WATER14 gallons water
(FEMA) or about 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water per person
Tip: Stock up this month! It’s everywhere today, but it may not be tomorrow. Buy more to replenish what you use. Small bottles are for short-term storage, so slowly go through your supply and replenish. More durable containers are for long-term storage, but need to be refilled every 6 months.
Shelf Life: small commercially prepared bottles store indefinitely, see Still Tasty. Store off your cement floor.

STEP 3: FINANCIAL RESERVE (per person) – $2.00 +/- per week
Tip: Add to your fund each week for emergencies. Keep some in the bank and some cash in small bills at home.

STEP 4: LONGER-TERM SUPPLY (per adult) – Nothing this week

SANITATION ITEMS  Disinfectant cleaner
Tip: Keep this concentrated cleaner on your shelf. It’s an inexpensive cleaner every day and during disasters.

PREPAREDNESS GOAL – Collect bean recipes
Tip: There are so many options for recipes using beans from hummus to homemade chili. Search online or in your own recipe books for some family favorites. Keep them in your binder for easy access.

EQUIPMENT GOAL – Rubber gloves
Tip: Helpful for cleaning to protect your hands from chemicals or other unwanted germs.

How: Look through your supply of fuel and light and count them. Consider propane, camp stove fuel, lawnmower gas containers, light bulbs, lanterns, running headlamps, batteries or other similar items. Learn to keep similar items grouped together to make them easier to inventory. We needed our headlamps last weekend for a trip and could not find them. Now new ones are in the emergency closet as well as our batteries and lanterns.

Good luck on your weekly goals. You CAN do it! Here is the printout of the April 2013 Food Storage List. If you are new around here, go to my START HERE page.

Do you have any tips on gathering the items on this week’s list? Please share.

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