Food Storage Goals: April Week 17 – Prepared Soups

For week 17, gather prepared soup as well as other suggested items.

STEP 1: 3-MONTH SUPPLY (per adult) – Prepared Soup 3 cans.
Tip: A few cans of prepared soup can be helpful everyday, for sudden illness or disasters. For singles and empty-nesters, the convenience of a can of soup can’t be overlooked. Consider adding a few of your family favorites to your 3-month supply.
Shelf Life: Typically 2 – 5 years, unless tomato-based. Check the label.

STEP 2: DRINKING WATER14 gallons water
FEMA recommends 1 gallon per day of drinking water per person. That’s about 4×24 ct. cases of bottled water per person. “You will also need water for food preparation, bathing, brushing teeth, and dish washing. Store a 3-5 day supply of water (at least 5 gallons for each person).” FEMA
Tip: Stock up this month! It’s everywhere today, but it may not be tomorrow. Buy more to replenish what you use. Small bottles are for short-term storage, so slowly go through your supply and replenish. More durable food grade containers are for long-term storage.
Shelf Life: small commercially prepared bottles store indefinitely. Other containers need to be refilled every 6 months. Store off your cement floor on 2×4’s or on a shelf.

STEP 3: FINANCIAL RESERVE (per person) – $2.00 +/- per week
Tip: Add to your fund each week for emergencies. Keep some in the bank and some cash in small bills at home.

STEP 4: LONGER-TERM SUPPLY (per adult) – Nothing this week

SANITATION ITEMS Toilet bowl cleaner
Tip: Whether you use a liquid or Comet-type product, buying a few extra is helpful everyday. Sometimes these items are less expensive when purchased in bulk at a warehouse store.

PREPAREDNESS GOAL – Update your 72-hour kit food
Tip: Does your kit need a checkup? Has it really been a year since you looked at the food in you kit? We keep our kits in our coat closet for quick access. You can find more ideas on my Pinterest 72-Hour Kit page or at this post about food packs.

EQUIPMENT GOAL – Portable Toilet
Tip: Trash bags could line a toilet in a disaster. Or you could purchase a portable toilet like the Go Anywhere by CleanWaste, or make one of your own with a seat and bucket.

How: We just discovered some hot dogs that had been in our freezer for over a year. Though freezer foods are perishible, it’s still a great idea to take an inventory every few months. I like to store my yeast in my freezer so it will last longer. Check out my Pinterest Freezer & Refrigerator page for more ideas.

Good luck on your weekly goals. You CAN do it! Here is the printout of the April 2013 Food Storage List. If you are new around here, go to my START HERE page.

Do you have any tips on gathering the items on this week’s list? Please share.

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