Spiritual Preparation is the Key to Facing Our Trials

The past three weeks I’ve had some health problems that have taught me several lessons. One of those lessons is when I have planted roots deep in gospel soil, I can endure trials better. I am grateful to know that Heavenly Father is aware of me.

When I turned 50, I decided to be a good girl and have one of those medical procedures we don’t like to talk about. The lab results showed a clean bill of health. However, a few days after the procedure, I had excruciating lower back pain.

I’ve had back problems for years and regularly see a chiropractor, but I hadn’t planned on muscle spasms in my lower back followed by neck pain, and then complex migraines.

I felt dizzy and nauseous, and had a difficult time concentrating. I could hardly talk, and it felt like I my tongue was swollen. Looking at the light coming in the window hurt, and there was pressure in my eyebrows and left side of my face and jaw. My teeth even ached. I could feel my left eyelid droop, but it was not obvious.

I decided to see my chiropractor, but his office was closed, so I went to my old DC. He ran some neurology tests and said I could be having a mini-stroke. 🙁 No one should ever mention the word stroke to you. My daughter took me to the ER to be evaluated. The MRI showed I have a beautiful brain which is a good thing. The ER doctor put on the medical report: complex migraine. I was given some meds, told to consult with a neurologist and was sent home. However, I had daily migraines, back and neck pain for over a week.

I tried massage, meds, ice, and bed rest. Being cooped up in the house was a bit depressing, but going out only triggered another migraine. For those who have experienced bed rest with back pain, you know that you really don’t get rested. You have disturbed sleep.

I asked my husband for a priesthood blessing and was grateful for it. Too bad I waited a week to finally ask for one, something I won’t do again. Things started to ease up after the blessing. I’ve prayed a lot to understand what happened and why. I prayed for the doctors to know how to help me, and patience for myself. The word “endure to the end” has taken on a whole new meaning.

As I lay in bed, I took a hard look at mylife. I went through my calendar and made the decision to wipe everything off including blogging, speaking engagements, church assignments and family events. That was extremely difficult for me. But I did it. I talked with my bishop and my Relief Society president for guidance. And I am slowly putting things back on. I have been pondering and working on bringing the essential things first. And taking care of my health is an essential thing.

I am still sore, but it is tolerable. The gentle rehabilitation has begun, and I’m taking vitamins, increasing water, and stretching. I am not without hope. I am very aware God has placed others in my path who have shared ideas to help me. I have never been left alone in all of this.

I am grateful for good friends who offered to drive my youngest to and from school. I love them for that. Grateful to my amazing family who prayed for me and helped around at home.

Spring is absolutely beautiful in my neighborhood, and I missed being outside in it. But today was amazing. I listened to birds chattering in the trees. Watched enormous clouds glide through the sky. Put my hand in the warm soil in the garden and got my fingernails dirty pulling weeds. I smelled the bark and looked at flowers. Such simple things remind me God cares for each of us.

Thank you for your patience and I hope my readers will continue to strive to become prepared both temporally and spiritually. The spiritual preparation is the key to facing our trials.

Best wishes,


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