Guilt Free Food Storage and Prepping

Just a quick note to my readers. My daughter leaves in less than a week for her mission, so I am pretty busy. But I thought I would send a few thoughts your way.

As I’ve looked across the internet at all of the food storage and prepping resources, I can see how extremely overwhelming all of that looks to beginners. There is way too much out there. Everybody has their own way of doing it too. Someone else’s simple isn’t necessarily our simple.

Personally, I just like to keep my own food storage really basic and a natural part of my grocery shopping trips. I just add a little here, a little there. I keep myself aware with my monthly food storage lists because they help me rotate what I gather. I’ve been creating a Food Storage Organizer Google calendar that I hope to share with others with weekly reminders of what to focus on. But hey, I’m busy. But I tell you, it’s cool!

I am not a canner or great gardener like some of my amazing neighbors, though I can do those things. Maybe in my next life I will become a farmer’s wife and write a blog: “Life In My Farmhouse.” I have dairy milk delivered to my door. Does that count? For now, the cub scout planning phrase, KISMIF – Keep It Simple, Make It Fun works for me.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed starting your food storage, look at what you already have on your shelf. Build on that. You don’t have to learn how to make fruit leather tomorrow. Or become the Pinterest Prepper Princess. We are busy, busy people. Women in general do a lot of guilting which isn’t healthy at all. You don’t have to stay up until 2 o’clock in the morning canning your peaches either. But I know some of you do. Keep it simple.

Teach your kids some skills, but don’t overwhelm yourself. They are smart. I think it is great that my girls know how to bake bread. But someone else taught them. Alleluia! Thank you! Wish it had been me, but I teach them other home management skills that are valuable too. I’m okay. You’re okay. Actually we are amazing.

Looking ahead, Utah grocery store case lot sales are coming in a few weeks, so I will be doing a huge inventory of what I have here at home. I like to shop at them, but I can shop year-round too. I’ve also been updating my price comparison list and I can see which prices have gone up at stores in my area or stayed the same since last year. That is an eye opener. So I will be sharing soon.

I am thinking about teaching some food storage classes in the fall at my local community center. An easy distance from my house. But I have to ponder that idea a bit. It is harder for me to travel to all of you as much as I want to. Family first, right?

Now I’m off to the pool for exercise. Have a great day!

Mom of 7, grandma of 3 and a half,

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