Fall 2013 Prepared LDS Family Food Storage Classes

This fall I can teach my food storage class to a few wards, stakes or other congregations in Northern Utah. I live in Farmington and can only travel between Ogden and North Salt Lake.

Food Storage Class: “You Can Do It” 

Beginning a food storage and emergency preparedness program can be overwhelming. Let me reassure you that everyone can do this their own way. You don’t have to do it like grandma did either. In this 1 hour class, I will talk about the 4-Step Approach to Home Storage from the LDS “All Is Safely Gathered In” pamphlet, help you decide what to store based on the current needs of your family, show you how to gather your supplies year-round week-by-week, and share other tips on preparedness. Come away from this class knowing you CAN begin!

  • Cost: No charge
  • Handouts: Will be emailed to the ward representative to preview and copy for class members. Sample Class Outline.pdf 
  • Dates: Click here for current calendar
  • Audience: For Relief Societies or combined groups of men and women
  • Teacher: Valerie Albrechtsen, author of PreparedLDSFamily. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Contact: Valerie at my Contact Me page.

Do I know it all? No. Do you have to know it all? No. But I am passionate about helping you make preparedness a natural part of their current existence. I do not represent any food storage companies and I do not sell gadgets and gizmos a-plenty or whozits and whatzits galore. What a relief! Review my blog and you will know what I believe.

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