My January Emergency and Food Storage Preparations

Lest you think I’m not doing anything around here, I thought I would share a running list of what I have done so far from my January Emergency Preparation list. Emergency preparation is a natural part of who I am, so I am always doing something.

First, I looked at the list and decided what I need to do, want to do and can afford. I personally don’t buy the suggested items week-by-week, but I look at the whole month to come up with a plan. Some of you newbies may need to do it a week at a time to spread out the cost, but I tend to buy things as I see them. But I love just focusing on the monthly list.
The amount of items are based on my family of 5 living at home. I multiplied the suggested amounts on the January list, and then tweaked them based on expense, storage space and my preferences. Those below that are crossed off might mean I already had it OR needed to buy it. So don’t think I bought all the stuff listed below.


4x 64 oz. apple juice + 20 Gatorades + 30 Capri sun drinks
10x evaporated milk + 12 protein drinks
4x 1 lb. cans cocoa drink mix + 1x 1 lb. apple cider mix (An LDS #10 can = 4.1 lbs.)
4x 20 oz. Tang (looking for that sale)
2x #10 cans LDS Dry Milk AND 2x #10 cans Chocolate Morning Moos

Step 2: Emergency Drinking Water 14 gallons x 5 people = 70 gallons
2x 55 gallons water
12 cases bottled water garage + 2 cases bottled water emergency closet + 1 case 8 oz. bottled water kitchen

The jar keeps getting filled with change too!

Step 4: Long-Term Food Storage
20x #10 can LDS Dry Milk

Weekly Inventory
Breakfast Items

Home Storage Toiletries Part 1
60x Toilet paper rolls (gotta have it!)
12x Soap bars
4x Body wash
3x Kids body wash
6x Shampoo
2x Dandruff shampoo
3x Kids shampoo
6x Conditioners
90x Feminine items
12x Deodorants

Preparedness Goals
Location to store water
Decide type of water containers
How to purify water
Research other water sources (water heater)
Dry milk recipes

Equipment Goals
Update 72-hour kits (redo water bottles, food packs, clothing)
Buy water containers
Buy bleach to purify (has 1 year shelf life)
Brace food storage shelves
Manual can opener

Have to say I loved showing you what I’ve done! It was good for the old self-esteem. Don’t get overwhelmed with how huge my list looks. This has been a decade of learning and polishing for me.

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” You CAN do it!

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