Best Deals at the Smith’s Case Lot Sale April 2014

After reviewing the grocery ad for the Smith’s (Kroger) case lot sale happening here in Utah, I listed below what I consider to be the best deals. All items at case lot sales are not necessarily the best price in town. So it’s important to do some homework. But case lot sales are a great time to stock up on items for your food storage.

During the month of April, I follow my monthly preparedness list, but check out other items I listed below that you want to stock up on. I did not include everything in the store ad, so there are definitely more items you could shop for. But, I tried to give you examples of the best bargains. Here is what I plan to buy:

$28.80 1 case of tuna
$5.00 2 cases of bottled water
$10.00 8 apple juice
$10.20 1 case of pudding snacks
Total: $54.00

Update! I visited Smith’s in Bountiful Utah today, and they are letting you buy individual items for the case lot price. A few items I saw were pineapple, tomato sauce and brownie mix. I talked to a worker and she said that some, but not all items in the case lot sale can be purchased individually. This is great for those of you with limited shelf space. You must use your Rewards Card to get the sale price. Good luck stocking up!

Case Lot Deals at Smith’s
Water, Bottled 24 ct. case $2.50
Apple Juice, Langers 64 oz., case 10 @$10.00 or $1.25 ea. (Great price!)
Tuna, Chicken of the Sea 5 oz. can, case 48 @$28.80 or .60 ea.
Beans, black, pinto, etc. 15 oz. can, case 24 @$13.20 or .50 ea.
Organic Beans, Simple Truth 15 oz. can, case 12 @$9.48 or .79 ea.
Peanut Butter Creamy or Chunky, Kroger 16 – 18 oz., case 12 @$16.99 or $1.42 ea. (Great price!)
Chunky Soup, Campbell’s 18.6-19 oz., case 12 @$12.00 or $1.00 ea.
Fruit, Kroger 15-15.25 oz. can, case 24 @$18.00 or .75 ea.
Pineapple, Dole 20 oz., case 12 @$10.20 or .85 ea. (Great price!)
Tomato Soup, Campbell’s 10.75 oz. can, case 48 @$26.40 or .55 ea. (Great price!)
Chicken Noodle Soup, Campbell’s 10.75 oz. can, case 48 @$26.40 or .55 ea. (Great price!)
Creamed soups, Kroger 10.5 oz. can, case 24 @$15.60 or .65 (so so)
Broth Beef or Chicken, Kroger 14 oz. can, case 24 @$12 or .50 ea. (Great price!)
Sugar 4 lb. case 10@$15.90 or $1.59 (same as Costco, but in smaller bags)
Tomato Sauce, Kroger 8 oz., case 24 @$4.80 or .20 ea. (Great price!)
Tomatoes, Kroger Diced, etc. 14.5 oz., case 24 @$12.00 or .50 ea.
Evaporated Milk, Kroger 12 oz. can, case 24 @$16.56 or .69 ea.
Snack Pack Pudding, Hunt’s 4pk, case 12 @$10.20 or .85 ea.
Brownie Mix, Betty Crocker case 12 @$12.00 or $1.00 ea. (so so)
Vegetable Oil, Kroger case 9 @$17.91 or $1.99 (Great price if you do a lot of baking or frying)
Flour, Kroger 5 lb. case 8 @ $13.20 or $1.65 (Low price for 5 lb. size but less at Costco for 25 lb.)
Shredded Cheese, Tillamook (fresh) 1 @$10.99 or $2.20 per lb.(Great price! Freeze it. $15.00 at Sam’s Club)

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