6 Steps to Food Storage Menu Planning

This week I created a FREE menu plan printable to get me more organized. When I don’t plan, we tend to eat out more or I’m in the grocery store several times a week when I’d rather be doing something else. Creating menus helps us “eat what we store.”  
Highlighting the food storage ingredients below will help you see which items come from our supplies. Here is how to include food storage in your menu planning. You will see that my menus are pretty basic. A chef I am not.

6 Steps to Food Storage Menu Planning

  1. Schedule a regular time each week to create a menu plan. I spent about an hour on Sunday creating mine, but it will take less time as the months go on since I am saving my menus to refer to.
  2. Look over the family activities on the calendar, and decide what meals will work with the limited food prep time each day. I usually have 30 min. to prepare in the evening and more time earlier in the day. If my day looks super hectic, I do a crock-pot meal. 
  3. Open the refrigerator to see what fresh foods need to be eaten first and include them in the menus. Glance in your cupboards as well to find some shelf-stable foods. I usually try to include some long-term grains, but typically I use a few small canned or packaged foods from my 3-month supply.
  4. Skim your favorite grocery store ad online to see if there are some good deals. They are typically on the front page, but not always. Fresh and frozen are great, but sometimes canned beans or soup from your food storage is just fine.
  5. As you create each menu, jot down items you need to buy on the grocery list on the printable, or use one of your own.
  6. Then take your menu plan to the store. Keep your eye open for some unexpected bargains to put in your food storage while you’re shopping. Hang the menu plan up for the week to refer to. Love it!
I found a FREE menu printable from My Grafico and tweaked it for my own use. I added some areas for breakfast and lunch menus which we typically repeat. I found the young mother with cookbook clipart at The Graphic Fairy. Love that place.

Here is my menu plan printable.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to incorporate food storage into your life. I’m sure you CAN do it too!

Best wishes,


Food Storage Key
Short-term 3-Month food storage
Long-term food storage
Freezer storage
Cold room storage



Green salad
Guacamole & salsa


Chicken Stew
– Canned roast beef or chicken
– Cream of chicken soup
– Potatoes 
– Carrots
– Spices
Saltine crackers
Sloppy Joes
– Ground beef
– Tomato paste
– Sloppy Joe spice packet
– Hamburger buns
Tortilla chips
Orange slices
Grilled cheese sandwiches
– Bread
– Shredded cheese
– Butter 
Tomato soup
– Tomato soup
– Milk
– Water
– Spices
Saltine crackers
Mexican rice
– Rice
– Chicken broth
– Dried onion
– Tomato
– Spices
Strawberries, bananas & blueberries
– Raviolis 
– Spaghetti sauce
Green salad

Eat out

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