Food Storage Deals at Macey’s Case Lot Sale January 2015

Bowmans Market, Kaysville, Utah

It’s time for me to share the best deals at the Macey’s case lot sale which goes from Monday, January 12 – 25, 2015. Case lot sales can have some great bargains for food storage. I usually shop at Bowman’s grocery store in Kaysville, because it is closer to me. But Macey’s is a great store too.

The Bowman’s sale starts Wednesday, January 14. And prices are similar to Maceys. I shopped at Bowman’s early Monday morning, and since cases were already on the floor they gave me the sales price!

The case lot price list was at the customer service desk, so I compared prices with Maceys below. One thing I love about these stores is they let you get the sales price on individual items. Perfect for apartment dwellers!
Here’s what I purchased:
2 cases of water $1.99 ea.
1 case of apple juice $8.00
1 case of taco mix $8.00
1 Krusteaz pancake mix $6.99 (same price at Costco)
2 pk. Mrs. Buttersworth pancake syrup $6.99 (same price at Costco)

Total spent: $33.96

I found 1 lb. Stephen’s pumpkin spice cocoa mix for $2.99 a can.

I never buy too much at case lot sales, because I shop every month anyway to spread the expense and rotate our food.

AWESOME DEALS at Maceys and Bowmans!
WF Oats, Quick or Old Fashioned, 42 oz., $1.50 or $12.00 for 18
WF Cake mixes, $.69 (Super cheap! Lowest I’ve seen.)
WF Soup, Tomato or Chicken noodle, $.38 or $9.12 for 24
Campbell’s Cream of mushroom or chicken soup, $.69 (Maceys ad)
WF Beans, various, 15 oz., $.50 or $12.00 for 12
WF Mandarin Oranges, $.50 or $12.00 for 12
WF Albacore tuna, 5 oz., $.99 or $23.76 for 24
WF Chiles, 4 oz., $.50 or $12.00 for 24
WF Pineapple, 20 oz., $.99 or $23.76 for 24
Hunt’s Pasta sauce, 24 oz. $.79 or $9.48 for 12
WF Refried Beans, $.59 or $14.16 for 24
WF Seasoning mixes, $.33 or $8.00 for 24
WF Ketchup 20 or 24 oz., $.99
*WF Apple Juice or Cider, 64 oz., $1.25
*WF Tomato or Vegetable Juice, 46 oz., $1.66 or $20.00 for 12
*WF Purified Water 24 ct. case 16.9 oz. bottles, $1.99

GOOD DEALS at Maceys and Bowmans!
WF Olives, $.99 or $23.76 for 24
WF Chili Con Carne w/beans, $.88 or $21.12 for 24
WF Corn or green beans, $.50 or $12.00 for 24
Chef Boyardee pasta, $.79 (Maceys only)
WF Tuna in water, 5 oz., $.68 or $32.64 for 48
WF Tomatoes, various, 14.5 oz., $.59 or $14.16 for 24
WF Tomato sauce, 8 oz., $.33 or $15.84 for 48
WF Macaroni & Cheese, $.50 or $11.88 for 24
WF Vegetable oils, various, 48 oz., $2.50 (Same price as Walmart)
WF Brown or Powdered sugar, 32 oz., .99 or $11.88 for 12
WF Mayonnaisse or Salad dressing, 30 oz., $2.00 (Macey’s only)
Krusteaz Pancake mix, 10 lb., $6.99 (same as Costco)
Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, 2 pk 64 oz., $6.99

I didn’t list everything on sale, so go here for the complete ad.

*These items are part of my January Water and Beverages focus.

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