January 2015 Food Storage Case Lot Sales in Utah

Next week I’ll be taking an inventory of my food storage so I can plan a shopping trip at the Utah case lot sales this month. Since my purchase focus for January is water and beverages, I’ll stock up on those items and only purchase other things I absolutely need. This helps me stay on my purchasing year-round rotation with my Emergency Prep lists.

I usually pick up some evaporated milk and bottled apple juice at the grocery store case lot sales. Sometimes I’ll find cocoa drink mix at Walmart with after Christmas sales. Or I just get it at the our local Sam’s Club or Costco. It’s also available at the LDS Home Storage Center. We went through a lot of our cocoa mix supply at the last youth service project.
I’ll look over my dry milk and fortified fruit drink mix supply too. I don’t go through the dry milk very fast, so I probably have a good supply on hand.

Smith’s grocery store started their sale on December 31st, but I haven’t had time to take a good look at my supplies, so I only picked up some Tillamook shredded cheese for my freezer.
I prefer shopping at stores that offer case lot prices without needing to buy the case. That way I get the amount I really want and some variety.
For now, here are a few important dates I’m putting on my calendar.

Utah Case Lot Sales January 2015
Smith’s December 31st – January 13
Maceys January 12 – 26
Bowmans January 14 – 27
Go to this page here for some tips on shopping at case lot sales.

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