April 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar

I decided to put my food storage and emergency prep ideas on an actual calendar for April 2016. Sometimes a visual calendar helps me get things done better than just a list of items, so I created an April emergency prep calendar to help me stay focused. It does not have actual amounts to store, but you can find those suggestions on my Emergency Prep Lists here. I figure with both of these items you and I may be more motivated to gather and store.

This new calendar has a piggy bank shown each Sunday to remind you to add money to your emergency fund.

Monday I listed some food storage and emergency items to shop for during your regular shopping trips. You won’t see the term long-term foods on this calendar, but you could store dry beans long-term if you wish. The main goal is to first gather a 3-month supply of food, emergency water, emergency funds, and THEN gather long-term foods. This is how the LDS Church recommends you work on your home or food storage.

Tuesday you’ll see some items to gather in your 72-hour kit. You can add some to your weekly shopping list. I decided to add 72-hour kit items each week since building a kit over time is more economical for some of us. Or you could add something you hadn’t thought of before.

Friday you’ll see a mini inventory. If you examine just those types of supplies, you won’t ever have to take a large inventory.

On Saturday I listed a Prep goal you may want to work on. In the center I listed some emergency links for some of the Prep goals you may wish to print and study. This month I really wanted to learn how to make a hand washing station for an emergency shelter. Knowledge is priceless.

You can print this new calendar below. No one should every feel they have to do it all. I don’t. Just find something you want to buy and store, and move forward.

I’d love to hear some feedback on my emergency prep calendar since I can always change the calendar design. Hope you like it.

April 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar pdf

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