July 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar

Here is my July 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar which has food storage and emergency items to gather. Most of the things you shop for on Monday are food items for your 3-Month Food Storage Supply, and some non-food items you may want to gather for emergencies. If you need help with amounts go to my printable July Emergency Prep Goals or my 3-month suggested food storage supply. Both printouts are listed below.

I’ve also listed items for you to take an inventory of on Friday or any other day you wish. As you check on your supplies often you won’t have to deal with items that expire. I deal with that all of the time, so check food items regularly to prevent spoilage.

You may already have some of the items for a 72-hour kit. Just put them in a box until they are all collected and decide what type of container you may want to carry them in.

Never feel you have to buy or gather everything on the list. Just gather things your family regularly uses or may need.

Here are some useful links:

July 2016 Emergency Prep Calendar
July Emergency Prep Goals
3-Month Suggested Food Storage Supply

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