Utah Case Lot Sales Coming January 2017

Begin your year with a new resolution to get your food storage house in order by shopping at Utah case lot sales. Stores like Smith’s, Harmons and Macey’s have sales starting this week. I like to gather breakfast cereals, pancake mix, dry milk, water and beverages in January.

But you will also find small canned foods like beans, chili, soup, tomatoes, and dry foods as well. These are perfect shelf-stable foods for your 3-month food storage supply. So check your cupboards to see what you are low on, and take advantage of some great food storage deals.


  • Macey’s: January 2 – 9 (Smaller sale called Stock up & Save. Must buy a full case.)
  • Smith’s: January 4 – 17, or while supplies last
  • Harmons: January 5 – 18

Macey’s will have their regular case lot towards the end of February, early March.

Here are some GREAT deals in the Macey’s ad:

  • WF canned beans $.39 ea. case of 12
  • Nalley’s chili $.49 ea. case of 24 (check with store on this price)
  • WF refried beans $.48 ea. case of 24
  • WF macaroni or pasta 3 lb. $1.99 case of 8
  • WF tuna $.49 ea. case of 48
  • Jif peanut butter $1.49 12 ct. case
  • WF apple juice 96 oz. $1.49 case of 6
  • WF water 24 ct. case $1.88
  • Morning Moo’s Chocolate Milk alternative $9.99
  • Mrs. Buttersworth pancake syrup 2x64oz. $5.99 (better than Sam’s Club price)
  • Krusteaz pancake mix 10 lb. $5.99 (better than Sam’s Club price)

See Macey’s ad here

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