Saving Money: Set Produce Price Limits

[vc_row type=”in_container” full_screen_row_position=”middle” scene_position=”center” text_color=”dark” text_align=”left” overlay_strength=”0.3″][vc_column column_padding=”no-extra-padding” column_padding_position=”all” background_color_opacity=”1″ background_hover_color_opacity=”1″ width=”2/3″ tablet_text_alignment=”default” phone_text_alignment=”default”][vc_column_text]It’s common knowledge that the best time to buy produce is when it’s in season. The confusing part is knowing what to pay for it. Most stores have everything you can think of year-round. So, I did some research in my area, and made a list of the most I’ll pay for produce.

Of course prices will vary by location and for organic, but these numbers work for me here in Utah. It will take some self-control on my part not to pay more when I’m tempted to buy something yummy. But I think learning some self-control is a great idea for my wallet.


  1. Decide what you regularly eat.
  2. Research when produce is in season.
  3. Compare prices at various stores by keeping a price log.
  4. Make your list. Check it twice. Keep it in your purse or on your phone.
  5. Watch for grocery store deals, but also check Farmer’s Markets.
  6. Some items are cheaper by the bag, but not always.
  7. Weigh your items and convert from ounces to lbs. if needed.
  8. Plant a garden. I just love fresh tomatoes, don’t you?


  • Apples $.99/lb.
  • Avocados $.99/ea. (I’d rather pay $.50, but there is a shortage.
  • Bananas $.59/lb.
  • Blueberries $1.99/lb.
  • Broccoli $1.99/lb.
  • Cantaloupe $.29/lb.
  • Carrots, Baby $.99/lb.
  • Carrots, Whole $.60/lb.
  • Cauliflower $1.99/lb.
  • Celery, Bunch $1.69/lb.
  • Clementines $1.49/lb.
  • Corn on the Cob $.25/ea.
  • Cucumbers $.50/ea.
  • Grapes, Red/Green $.99/lb.
  • Lemons $.40/ea.
  • Limes $.20/ea.
  • Lettuce $.99/ea.
  • Nectarines $.99/lb.
  • Onions, Yellow or White $.60/lb.
  • Oranges $.59/lb.
  • Peaches $.99/lb.
  • Pears $.99/lb.
  • Pepper, Green $.50/ea.
  • Peppers, R/Y/O $.99/ea.
  • Pineapple $1.99/ea.
  • Plums $.99/lb.
  • Potatoes, Russett $.20/lb.
  • Spinach $4.00/lb.
  • Squash, Yellow $.99/lb.
  • Strawberries $1.99/lb.
  • Tomatoes, Roma $.79/lb.
  • Tomatoes $.99/lb.
  • Watermelon $.25/lb.
  • Yams $.99/lb. (just added)
  • Zucchini $.99/lb.

P.S. I took the picture of these beautiful grapes while visiting Jerusalem in 2016! And they don’t grow sideways.

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