April Food Storage and Prep Handout

After watching the amazing changes at the April 2018 LDS General Conference this past weekend, I reflected how blessed we are to have a prophet of God on the earth today who encourages us to grow both spiritually and temporally.

When I started this website, I decided that whatever I shared, above all I wanted others to feel hopeful. To understand that with small and simple steps, great things can be accomplished as you gather food storage and emergency supplies. I hope that is what you feel when you read what I share.

I continue to write at least once a month, despite a busy life as a wife, mom and grandma. Whatever you choose to do, and however you do it, your efforts will bring blessings! I have experienced that, and know it to be true. Obedience does bring blessings.

April 2018 Food Storage Newsletter.pdf

April 2018 Food Storage Newsletter.xlsx

My way to gather is not necessarily the way for everyone, but it does help me have goals to work toward. I chose a few each month to focus on. You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, right?

This month I’m sharing suggested goals to the Relief Society sisters in my ward and encouraging them to gather beans, soup, fish and sanitation supplies. Gathering shelf-stable foods in your food storage in small cans that typically have a 3-5 year shelf life is smart. I’m grateful the LDS Church has suggested this plan.

Also gathering emergency water and a financial reserve (emergency savings) is extremely wise. And THEN gathering long-term foods…foods that could help sustain life if needed. That’s BRILLIANT!!!

So, gather what you eat, and eat what you store this month. Consider what recipes you DO use beans in, and keep those cans on your shelf. What soups DO you typically cook with? What kinds of fish do you like? Is it tuna, or only salmon? How much could you eat in 3-months? Not how much DO you eat, but how much could you eat. Plan for 3-months, as that may get you through a job loss, an ecomomic downturn, or a natural disaster.

As far as sanitation supplies (one area most people don’t plan for), have items on hand to prevent disease and illness. I have a few suggestions on the attached handout I prepared for my ward sisters. You are welcome to print it.

I hope you grow spiritually and temporally as you follow the counsel of our LDS Church leaders to prepare for a rainy day.

Best wishes!

Valerie Albrechtsen, The Food Storage Organizer

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