June Food Storage and Prep Handout

June is the month where I like to gather grains, vitamins and yeast, and practice bread making because it’s easier for bread to rise when it’s warmer.

If you decide to store a year’s supply of wheat or other grains, it’s important to have enough leavening ingredients. A Brigham Young University handout recommends 2 lbs. for person per year. That’s a lot of yeast. So, I store mine in my freezer and it lasts longer like 3 years.

For my ward Relief Society sisters, I called several stores to find a good price on Saf-instant yeast. A store in Ogden called Kitchen Kneads carries it for about $4.00. You can usually find yeast at stores like Costco and Sam’s Club too.

June 2018 Food Storage Newsletter

June 2018 Food Storage Newsletter

As far as wheat, I prefer to buy LDS hard wheat as it costs about $2.75 per #10 can, and can be stored for 30 years. I store both hard red and white wheat. A can of wheat makes about 16.5 cups of wheat flour and 6 loaves of bread.

Gathering grains was important anciently. In the Book of Mormon, Lehi and his family “gathered together all manner of seeds of every kind, both of grain of every kind, and also of the seeds of fruit of every kind….much fruits and meat…honey…and provisions…we did go down into the ship….” (1 Nephi 8:1 and 1 Nephi 18:6).

After arriving in the promised land, “…we did put all our seeds into the earth…they did grow exceedingly; wherefore, we were blessed in abundance.” (1 Nephi 18: 24).

Like Nephi, may we be abundantly blessed for our obedience in gathering food storage this month!

Valerie Albrechtsen, The Food Storage Organizer

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