August Food Storage and Prep Handout

Here is the provident living emergency newsletter I gave to the Relief Society sisters in my ward. It has food storage and emergency items we are focused on gathering this month. Hope you find it useful!

Our August prep focus is fruits and vegetables, and items for an emergency shelter.

August 2018 Food Storage Newsletter.pdf

August 2018 Food Storage Newsletter.xlsx

If you love canning or freezing your own food, your food storage supply will quickly grow. However, you could also buy your canned fruits and vegetables at grocery store case lot sales coming in a few weeks.

For long-term storage, the LDS Church carries dehydrated apple slices, carrots and onions. Rehydrating them is easy.

If you ever need to evacuate because of fires or other disasters, it’s a good idea to take a tent and sleeping bag with you as shelters or hotels may be full.

Watch for great sales on these items at camping stores this month. If you have camping supplies already, organize them. As women, we need to know where the “stuff” is too!

As we work on our self-reliance it’s important to avoid the common phrase, “I’ll get to that later.” Sometimes, later comes sooner than we think.

You CAN do it!

Valerie Albrechtsen, The Food Storage Organizer

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