November Food Storage and Prep Handout

This month we’re gathering Fall foods into our food storage and cold weather items to keep us warm in the winter months. Also a few medical supplies too. I’ve changed the format of my Relief Society newsletter, so it will look a little different. No recipes this time. Hope you like it!
Many adaptations have happened recently in the Church. Last month Sister Jean B. Bingham, Relief Society general president said“Just as the Church adapts food production and storage projects according to changing needs, families may want to make similar adjustments from time to time in their food storage plans to ensure availability for their own use and to share with others.”

What adjustments could we make? Should we modify our food storage plan? Do we have a food storage budget? Has our family size changed? Are we storing foods our family likes? Have our food allergies changed? Are we open to sharing our food with others?

Simplify food storage by gathering a few extra items each week while we grocery shop. Holiday foods are on sale this month. Many are shelf stable. Hooray! Gathering can be as easy as pumpkin pie!

Check out more ideas in the November handout I made for the LDS Relief Society sisters in my ward. You’re welcome to print the pdf to see what we’re working on this month.

Best wishes on your preparedness endeavors!

Valerie Albrechtsen
The Food Storage Organizer

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