December Food Storage and Prep Handout

Get ready for winter by gathering a few inexpensive baking basics into your 3-month food storage supply, as well as some emergency power and light items for disasters.

December is the busiest month of the year, so I try to keep the gathering simple. It’s also the month when winter storms happen which leads to power outages which leads to spoiled refrigerator foods. So be prepared. I remember the wind storm we had here in Farmington in 2011.

Here is the handout I shared with my LDS Relief Society sisters with a few baking basics to gather along with some long-term food storage. I already bought salt and baking soda, and next week I’ll buy baking powder and cornstarch.

In case you aren’t following the sales going on at your local LDS Home Storage Centers, here’s what’s on sale in December:

*Prices are higher online

As we continue to gradually gather items along with our regular shopping, we prevent over-buying and become self-reliant. And allow the blessings of peace to come!

Have a wonderful Christmas season and keep Christ in Christmas.

Best wishes!

Valerie Albrechtsen, The Food Storage Organizer

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