Grocery Shopping List printable

Last night I planned today’s grocery trip with my Grocery Shopping List printable. Even though I don’t have to work so hard to save money, I’m doing it anyway. If we talk our country into a big ‘R’ (recession ðŸ¤«), I want to be well skilled at saving money.
I shopped at Smith’s grocery store again today and bought more small canned foods for my food storage. Loading it up.
I looked up sales and regular prices online, added online coupons and the location of items in the store. Love that!! â�¤ï¸�
Shopping took longer than expected, but when you’re trying to shop once a week you have to plan carefully. ðŸ‘�
$115.81 Full Price
$79.30 My Price
$36.51 My savings ðŸ¤¸â€�♀ï¸� I can do better.
$4.00 4 Prego Spaghetti Sauce
$1.50 2 Annie’s Mac & Cheese
$1.96 4 Koger Crushed tomatoes
$1.52 4 Kroger Beef broth
$1.52 4 Kroger Chicken broth
$1.58 2 Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup
$2.79 1 Simple Truth Organic Red Kidney Beans 4 pk.
$2.00 1 Simple Truth Organic applesauce cups
$2.25 3 Kroger Spaghetti
COST: $19.12

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