Kid to Kid: New and Used clothing and toys

KID TO KID – Over the years I’ve tried to keep my heart open to shopping at used clothing stores, even when my income didn’t require it. Sometimes I feel this will help me prepare for decreases in income, or financial calamities. I don’t like that musty clothing smell, but pride should never get in the way of a good deal. Since moving to Utah, I’ve found a great store that I enjoy shopping at: Kid to Kid. Their philosophy is that kids outgrow their clothes faster then they wear through them. I haven’t really sold any of my own items there since I usually give to the Deseret Industries, however, I do enjoy buying used items in great condition. The other day I was planning to go to Kohl’s for a particular pair of jeans, but found it at Kid to Kid for one quarter of the retail price! And since I run a preschool, I was excited to find used toys, some a few years old, but in great shape. Here are some of my bargain finds:

  • Large bag of 3″plastic balls for $3.99 retails $12.99
  • Little People farm with animals $8.99 retails $33.00
  • Step2 Blocks table $5.99 retails $28.00
  • Barbie Magical Folding House $8.99 retails $15.99
  • 2 Nightgowns $9.99 retails $48.00
  • The Children’s Place corduroy skirt $3.99 retails $14.50
  • 2 long sleeved tops $6.99 retail $20.00
  • 1 pair of jeans $5.99 retails $22.00

My Total Cost: $54.92
Retail Total: $194.48
Savings: $139.56

Used Clothing Tips:

  • Clothing should be free of holes, tears under sleeves, fuzzy balls, or washed a million times look.
  • Try on clothes. Kid to Kid has a 7 day return policy which is great if I don’t have one of my kids with me.
  • Buy named brands that you know wear well.
  • Don’t expect to find the same item the next day, as turnover is high.

Used Toy tips

  • Buy toys that can be easily cleaned.
  • Check to see if product has been recalled online.

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