Bulk Buying: Utah Case Lot Sales in September

Since I have only lived in Utah for a year, case lot sales are new to me. So I was excited to purchase some items this way, since I am working on stocking up my 3 month food storage supply. I have a list of prices at Sam’s Club, so I already know how much each canned item usually costs there.

SMITH’S – September 3rd – I shopped at Smith’s September 3rd, and purchased a case of peanut butter, a case of Spaghettios, and a case of cream of chicken soup (which wasn’t reduced fat, so I was a bit disappointed.) The signs didn’t always show how much each item cost, and that’s important to me. They had many items on sale, but you had to search in several parts of the store for the ones advertised in the newspaper ad. I was careful to control myself, since I knew I could beat some of the prices at Sam’s Club, and wanted to wait for Dan’s sale.

DAN’S (also Macey’s & Dicks) – September 17th – This was a great place to shop! Besides case goods, they carried some of the #10 sized food storage items that you can usually get at emergency supply stores. Also 55-gallon water barrels (though they are cheaper at WalMart), and other food storage supplies. Each item had a clearly printed sign so I knew exactly how much EACH can cost in a case, as well as the case price. Most of the case goods were in the front of the store. It was a little warm by the front windows; however they are constantly restocking the shelves as items disappear. I purchased cases of Western Family black beans, kidney beans, tomato soup, 98% fat-free cream of mushroom soup, and cut corn. Way to go Dan’s!

SAM’S CLUB – Since Sam’s sells by the case all the time, I buy there regularly. It helps me continue to restock my 3 month food storage supply. However, my conclusion is that you can get some canned goods cheaper at Smith’s and Dan’s case lot sales, and do fine at Sam’s for items such as canned chicken, tuna, water, grape jelly, and 15 oz. tomato sauce.

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