California Fires: Preparing For Disaster

I received an email from my sister late last night about the fires near their home in Yorba Linda, CA. They are safe, but it was too close to home since the home my sister lives in is the one I grew up in. My niece had to evacuate from her apartment in Brea, as they could see the flames from their apartment windows. They are safe as well. But, I have to say I had a pit in my stomach, because this was family.

My sister states: “Interestingly, our Stake (congregation) has been practicing emergency preparedness drills and now they are using many of the skills and routines they have been practicing. Will and members of the Stake High Council have been checking on the Church members. Will got his ham radio license recently and now he’s depending on it for communication because much of the power and cell phones aren’t working.”
We are proud of you, Will! And you too, Todd, for helping others. And sorry for such a loss for families in California.

More information can be found here at my sisters blog, QuiltsWithLove

Click this link to the Orange County Register for a map of fire locations.

If you want to learn more about disaster preparedness, go to the American Red Cross – Preparing For Disaster

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