Change #3 Reorganize Your Cupboards & Closets

(This is a dated post. I laugh at it because so much has changed!)
Last Saturday, I spent 5 hours reorganizing closets and cupboards to figure out how I wanted my food storage to fit, and how I could have easy access. My teenage son was a great help. We are a work in progress, but I wanted to share some pictures with you on how I am storing my food storage. We were very blessed when we bought this home because the first owners (we are the 4th) built some great storage closets and rooms. When we lived in California, we had a 4-car garage where we stored cars, not food; that was in the house. Let’s take a mini tour of my Utah home:

Basement Fruit Room

This is where I store all of my canned goods, oils, and some of my boxed items. 

This room was built under the porch. Temperatures get in the low 50’s in winter, and 70’s in summer. The shelves are on three sides, and there is plenty of space. This is slowly filling up. Because it is so cold, we put weather stripping on the bottom of the door to keep the cold air in.

Notice the $1 WalMart thermometer.

The Former Craft Closet. Now the #10 Can Closet.

Just outside the fruit room, is another closet. This is were I am moving my #10 cans. Still need another shelf on the other wall, but here is one side. In California, it is easier to find places to store #10 cans, so I have many. Now that I am in Utah, more supplies will be stored in food grade HDPE 5 gallon buckets ($5 WalMart) with Gamma Seal lids ($6 WalMart).

The Big Storage Closet

This space is like a third car garage, and we love it. For now, this is where I store the wheat, and rice which are still in boxes. Also, my water barrels are in here since we could fill them up through a hose from a nearby window. This room could be converted into a food storage room. Maybe in the future.
The Camping Closet

This is where we store camping supplies, air mattresses, stoves, dutch ovens, etc. Needs some work.
Kitchen Spice Drawer

My friend Susan M. said she loved her spice drawer, so now I have one. It’s great because you can see everything so well. Didn’t spend any money on fancy gadgets.
Spice and Packaged Foods Cupboard

Here is where I keep the larger spices, just over my food preparation area. There is actually room behind the spices for a second row.
Baking Supplies

You’ll find that the more you use food storage, the more you will be baking from scratch. These items are on lazy susan’s which make everything available for easy access. The lower shelf has cooking oil, olive oil, shortening, baking powder, baking soda, Pam, and vinegar. You get the idea.

Another Baking Supplies Cupboard

I like these Rubbermaid airtight containers, because my #10 canned items fit right in. Here I have baking cocoa, powdered sugar, corn meal, shortening powder, rice, minute rice, potato pearls, Idaho potato flakes, brown sugar, powdered eggs, powedered milk, Bisquick.
Hope that got your mind thinking of what you can do with your own space.

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  1. Hi there-Thanks for featuring my food storage post on your blog. It was really nice. 🙂 You have a great site.. I’ll have to add you to my sidebar. Best of luck with this..~ Ann Marie

  2. Pictures ARE great! And you DO have a ton of storage space! We live in AZ where using the garageis just not an option, but we’re short on space. We’ll be moving in a few months and we’re looking for homes that have extra rooms we can convert into a pantry. Your pictures make me that more motivated!

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