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Well, I have been using MyFoodStorageDeals.com – a website devoted to helping you save at the grocery store each week to build up your food storage. I have been pleased. Their lists have helped me be more selective in my shopping, and build my food storage.

I’m not the best with coupons, but I try so I looked at Smith’s sales at GrocerySmarts.com , and found coupons for this week’s best deals. If you save the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts (don’t cut them up), this website will tell you when to use the coupons. Even though I don’t use all the coupons each week, I save them in a folder, and write the date on the top of the group of pages. Then, next week, I will look again at GrocerySmarts.com to see if I can use the coupon in conjuction with a sale. Hope that makes sense.

Today, I purchased the items in the picture above from Smith’s grocery store. Don’t usually buy so much soda, but the holidays are upon us. Also, got to have that chocolate!

Retail: $195.26
Manufacturer Coupon Savings: $13.05
Fresh Values Savings: $71.22
My cost: $110.99 before tax

Yes, that’s 2 large turkeys in the picture that retail for $50! Got them for half. I’m sure some of you can do better.

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  1. At Smith’s this week I got lots–without coupons.Potatoes are 25.8 cents a pound (5lbs for $1.29). That is less per pound that most anything else! Kept cold, you can store lots of potatoes. My family had fried potatoes for breakfast and potato soup for dinner. I cooked 15 pounds of potatoes in one day! (We did have leftover soup, though, so we ate about 10 pounds in one day).Smith’s also has Kroger brown sugar for $1.50 for 2lbs, which is a great price. However, Sam’s Club has it for $2.94 for 4 pounds–even less, and you don’t have to wait for the sale.Smith’s also has sour cream for $1.00 a pound, and cream cheese for $1.00 each (or 79 cents if you buy the store brand). You can keep these in your fridge for months–part of your three month supply.

  2. Nice! I’ll have to look up those website when I get home. I hate coupons, but they are becoming a necessity for building food storage it seems.Have you ever been to sistersavings.net? They tell you in a simple format who has what for sell. So much easier than looking through the flyers.

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