Fun Yet Inexpensive Tote Bags

Since I have gotten several compliments on my new tote bag, I have to share where I found it. The BYU Bookstore carries cute inexpensive tote bags for only $3.99! You can order online if you live far away. I love the price, and love the designs! I counted 31 designs online today, but I’ve seen more in the bookstore.

I love this style because it holds my planner, library books, etc. They have some cute designs for kids too which you could use as a church bag or music bag. I should get a commission for promoting these, but I don’t. I have more than one because at this price you can enjoy so many options. A few years ago they were selling them at the BYU Women’s Conference. By the way, I will be watching for the details of the conference program and will let you know if they have any preparedness classes April 30 & May 1.

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