Shopping for Food Storage at Albertson’s? Seeing is Believing

My sister-in-law, Lori, texted me yesterday, and told me to take advantage of a sale at Albertson’s. So I sat down and looked in my coupon binder to see what I wanted and needed. Last night I shopped the Buy 10 of these specific items and get $10 back sale. Something new to me.

The cashier at Albertson’s was awesome! Very patient. The key is if your nice, their nice. If you’re organized, their happy. I’m glad I went at night so that I didn’t annoy any other customers waiting in line, however most of the shoppers were in the store trying to take advantage of the same sale. I ran into a lady who had cases of Progresso soup in her basket, and LOTS of coupons. She shared all of her tips with me.

Since I wanted to apply the $10 coupons that night, this is the order I had to follow:

  • Before you get in line, divide your coupons into groups.
  • Put 10 of the specific sale items on the conveyor belt, and put that plastic divider behind that group
  • Hand the cashier any coupons for those items
  • Pay
  • Receive a $10 coupon
  • Repeat but give the cashier the $10 coupon and your additional coupons for your next group
  • The last group of items were not part of the 10 specific items in the sale, but also great bargain items recommended at

Everything I purchased was not for food storage, and some of it is snack-type items, but here’s the list:
30 Progresso soups
12 Stagg Chili
5 boxes Nature Valley granola bars (buy 5 to get an additional coupon for $3.50 off)
12 Albertson’s olives
3 Lucky Charms 16 oz. cereal
2 Lucky Charms 16 oz. cereal
4 BC muffin mix
6 BC brownie mix
5 BC fruit snacks (buy 5 to get an additional coupon for $3.50 off)
12 Hunts 29 oz. tomatoes
4 BC frostings
6 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
6 Dannon yogurts
5 Chex mix food bars
4 bags of chips

$334.63 Retail
-$143.96 Albertson’s Preferred Savings
-$100.69 Coupons
-$5.49 Tax
$84.49 is what I paid! excluding tax

Let me help you understand how careful shopping pays off. I would have only gotten the items listed in green above at Sam’s Club for $84.49

One advantage of shopping at a grocery store versus only shopping at warehouse stores like Sam’s/Costco is the variety of food you can purchase. I was able to get the flavors that I wanted. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my Sam’s Club, but if your careful you can purchase and save elsewhere too.

FYI here is where I shop:

Smith’s for most of my perishable items
Albertson’s for a good sale if I can apply coupons
Sam’s Club for bulk items listed at (Feb. 13 post)
LDS Cannery for grains and long-term storage items
Walgreen’s for makeup, medicine, toothpaste see (Dec. 20 post)
Macey’s for their Case Lot Sales, canned fruits, vegetables, beans, tomato goods, #10 can goods
WalMart, rarely (my feet hurt), but household, toiletries, socks, underwear, baking items
Kohl’s, JC Penney and sometimes Old Navy for clothes from their clearance sales. I found myself a beautiful coat for $25 the other day at Kohl’s, retailed $160.

Some of you are better shoppers than me for sure, but with seven children, and four at home I try to save where I can.

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  1. I'm IMPRESSED. Granted, I would not buy much of what you did but I also am only buying for hubby & myself. What you are doing, and showing all of us, is how planning can really pay off.BTY – back in the late 70's grocery stores would give you back, in cash, what you saved in coupons. We always put it aside for the next shopping trip. Much easier this current way.

  2. Thanks, Beth. I agree that Albertson’s is expensive. But by carefully shopping Loss Leaders and sales, it can be worth it. A Loss Leader is extremely discounted items (usually on the front page of the ad) that a store sells below cost and are meant to get you to shop in the store. Stock up! These are typically a great deal if you don’t purchase other non-sale items while in the store.

  3. I love your blog!I am trying to learn and soak up everything I can. I avoid Albertsons, even most of their sales are more expensive than what I can buy in other places. But I am intrigued by this post.It boggles my mind, but I will keep reading and learing and trying to grasp this concept. I want to make our paycheck go farther! Thank you for all this information, I know it takes allot of time, and I appreciate all you are doing to put it out there.

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