Food Storage Case Lot Purchases Week #1 again

Okay, so I went out twice this week. I headed over to Dan’s Foods in Layton because I needed some canned fruit for my food storage. I went there last year and was very pleased with their service. I purchased more fruit than I originally planned on for my 3-month supply because I didn’t find any in the fall case lot sales. Here is what I purchased:

24 ct. large peaches $23.76
24 ct. large pears $23.76
24 ct. large fruit cocktail $23.76

Because I bought them at Dan’s instead of Macey’s I saved .26 cents per can. I don’t have a Costco membership, and Sam’s doesn’t sell this size. Doesn’t seem like much but when you are buying 72 can’s I saved $18.72! So I purchased a few more items.

2/21 oz. Blue Chip Dough Enchancer for $3.99 ea.

18 lbs. of top sirloin steak @ $1.99 lb. (now separated into ziplocs in the freezer)
24 ct. Spaghettios $12.00
and a small treat for my little 4-year old for being so good! I thought I showed some amazing self-control because I didn’t buy anything else.

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  1. I was just at Costco tonight pricing vegetables. Macey’s canned vegetables at .59a can beats Costco’s.79 per can. I was hoping for better news. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago I could get 4/$1 sales. Ho hum!

  2. Have you ever tried the food from Shelf Reliance? It actually tastes so good that I cook with it. I love it because it really saves money and makes it so much easier to rotate the food so nothing goes to waste! Actually, if you go to their website: you can see all the stuff they have for emerency survival and food storage. They even have these amazing shelves that are designed to make food organization and rotation a breeze! They are having a sale so check out their website!

  3. Have you tried canning steak? I tried canning petite sirloin steak when it was on sale last month and it worked out well! We tested a bottle before we put the other bottles away in storage. It was very tender and the flavor was amazing! I would definitely do it again!Thanks for sharing your deals!

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