Book Review

I’ve been reading a must-have book called “Preparedness Principles,” by Barbara Salsbury. There is so much one can glean from this book, that is a great addition to your preparedness library. It covers ideas on food storage, emergency preparedness, and disaster preparedness. Barbara has been through it all, and has been teaching and writing about it for years.

With food storage she helps you figure out how and where to store it. I love the chapter “The Pantry System: Finding a Place for Everything.”

She emphasizes the uniqueness of each family and that there is not one way of doing food storage.

I enjoyed her excellent chapter on vegetable gardening. It helped me me understand which vegetables are fast and slow growers, and how to interplant several vegetables. She teaches you how to start from seed and be successful.

Another chapter is called “Staying Warm Without a Furnace.” After all of the storms and power outages across the nation this winter, this chapter is very enlightening. Here she will teach you the difference between blankets, comforters, and quilts and which ones are effective in keeping you warm. Also that moving everyone into a small room in the house, including pets, will keep you warmer.

Emergency kits are also covered, but she tells you the pros and cons of what to store them in. Love that!


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