Stephen’s 4 lb. Hot Cocoa $3.00 at WalMart!

(Sorry, but I checked and the supply is now gone in Centerville)
I’m in a hurry, but I was at our Centerville Super WalMart last night and wanted to let you regular Utah shoppers know that you can get the large 4 lb. Stephen’s Gourmet Milk Chocolate Cocoa or Mint Truffle right now for

$3.00 a can.

Regularly over $9! The LDS cannery cocoa is 5.8 lbs. and costs $6.70. We like Stephen’s better. (One reader said the LDS cannery uses Stephen’s, so my cannery cocoa must be from another source.) I know this is a regional item, but our family loves it. The expiration date on my cans says Feb. 2011. So, I loaded up. Yum! I think the smaller holiday labeled cans were $1.00 ea. We keep Stephen’s in our food storage. Cups of hot cocoa is a comfort food that would be a great item to share in a winter emergency too.
You can do a WalMart item search for the 1 lb. Stephen’s by putting your zip code in their website here. Hopefully the 4 lb. will also be sold at the same store near you.
“Gluten Free, Made from Only The Finest Ingredients, Stephen’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa Is Quite Simply The Richest, Creamiest, Most Flavorful Cocoa You Have Ever Tasted. We Guarantee It.”

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  1. You said you like Stephen’s cocoa better than the cannery’s cocoa, but guess what! I have been told that the cocoa at the cannery is Stephen’s hot cocoa!

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