Book Review: “Emergency Food in a Nutshell”

When I heard Leslie Probert speak at the BYU Education Week in 2008, I knew I wanted her “Emergency Food in a Nutshell” book. Even though speakers don’t promote their books during their talks, I ran over to the BYU bookstore to see what she had written. This book is a GREAT learning tool for those wanting to understand what food storage is, and how to use it. The beginning of the book answers questions about food storage such as: “Can I get enough nutrition from dried or canned foods? Or “How can I afford the expense of acquiring my food storage?”

The next section teaches you how to make a food storage plan. Various charts help you create your own four and five week food storage menus, and the appendix contains sample menus which are invaluable. And there are 200 recipes created with storable foods! The useful index helps you find recipes by ingredient. This one is a keeper in my food storage library.

Emergency Food in a Nutshell by Leslie D. Probert and Lisa L. Harkness, 2003

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