Where can I buy small-sized food storage powdered products while in Utah?

If the #10 food storage cans are too large for your family, there are a few companies that carry smaller sized items. However, before you invest in powdered food storage products, think why you are doing so. I try to keep a variety of products in my food storage that we use regularly. “Don’t keep your eggs in one basket” theory. It helps me learn to use what I store, and helps my family learn to like what we store.

Because water is so essential for our bodies, I store most foods that already have the water in them (not talking about grains here). And a few powdered items for baking such as powdered shortening and powdered eggs since you add water when you bake anyway. I have never used powdered peanut butter, and buy regular peanut butter in the 18 oz. size instead, because we don’t use peanut butter as quickly as some families. That way it doesn’t go rancid. I also have never used honey powder since regular honey has a GREAT shelf life and has the liquid already in it. The only reason I have powdered shortening is for times I don’t have Bisquick, so I can make a Magic Mix (more on that coming soon).

I buy most of my items at Macey’s grocery store.

To my California friend who asked the question: While your friend is in Utah, she may want to stop by the Macey’s grocery store in Ogden as it is “the food storage focus store” in the Macey’s chain. They have food storage items regularly on their shelves. Call them 801-392-1842 for the products you need, and they will hold them for pick up. They generally carry food storage items year round, though they bring in more during their case lot sales in March and September.

The Blue Chip group is a food storage supplier to Walmart and Macey’s here in Utah. Call (800) 878-0099 or visit their retail store at 32 West 3440 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84115. They have the smaller sizes you mentioned, but they are in bags. They are listed as 1.75# http://www.shop.bluechipgroup.net/main.sc

Another resource is WaltonFeed.com in Idaho which can ship to you, but you will pay for shipping. They have the smaller food storage cans you mentioned. Smaller cans are more expensive than #10 cans by weight, but may be what works best for your family. Thanks for your question. I love to help my California friends!

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  1. Valerie,Thank you so very much for researching and posting the information about buying smaller sized packages of food stuff. I gave my friend my shopping list and the addresses of the 3 stores you mentioned. I can't wait to see what she brings back. You are the best.Linda

  2. I always read your blog. Thank you! Check out alpinefoodstorage.com This is a lady in Alpine that has negogiated discount prices with Walton Feed and many other places, and can get food storage items for a deal. You can get on her email list, if you like! We have done orders as a ward through her. It has been great!

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