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Spread the word, and invite others to participate in “LDS Preparedness,” a new website hosted by If you have some ideas to share on preparedness, please contribute to “LDS Preparedness.” Here is the welcome letter:

“To those of you who are passionate about preparedness, we at Church headquarters invite you to join us in creating a new web site.

We envision a site that not only teaches the principles behind being prepared, but also motivates our worldwide audience to become better prepared. We appreciate what you are doing to inspire others in their preparedness efforts, and we hope to draw from your experience and creativity to enhance the Church’s message of preparedness.

This blog is intended to be a gathering place for ideas, advice, and inspiration as we build a new preparedness-focused web site. Please comment on the different posts that interest you. Help us understand the needs of our audiences throughout the world, and ways you think we could better address their needs. Also, please share with us your success stories or lessons learned concerning preparedness. We desire to help families become prepared, and we recognize that your passion for preparedness will help us reach a larger audience.

We look forward to hearing from you.
The Provident Living Web Site Team”

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