Home Organization: Daily Household Routines for Mom

I suppose I should have done this in January, but as my preparations for the holidays have increased, I’ve felt the need for organization in my life. I’ve looked at FlyLady.net before, but got completely overwhelmed. This time, I decided what this stay-at-home mom could realistically accomplish.

Remember: I have independent-get-our-own-breakfast teens, and a four year-old. So you young moms who work may get overwhelmed with my schedule. Just create your own routine. It really makes sense to have a Bedtime and Morning routine. Obviously you can’t always stick to a routine. However, I have been very happy with mine. It keeps me from getting sidetracked. I still need more practice, but it’s so nice to wake up to a tidy house. Still tweaking, but eventually I want to laminate these cards and keep them in the kitchen and desk.

Bedtime Routine
1. Clean up house (20 min. tops)
 Tidy LR, FR & Kitchen
 Kitchen: clean up, shine sink, put out clean dishcloths
 Put items away on stairs
2. Think about tomorrow
 Check calendar for appointments
 Write up To Do list
 Put out tonight what will make tomorrow easier
 Check the weather
 Lay out clothes (my girls do this, so why not me!)
3. Focus on Self
 Get ready for bed
 Bath (sometimes)
 Read scriptures
 Read or Sudoku for fun
 Prayer

Morning Routine (M – F)
1. Rise & Shine
 Prayer
 Exercise (treadmill)
 Make bed (if hubby is out)
 Make sure teens are moving
 Shower
 Swish toilet w/cleaner
 Get dressed
 Put in a load of laundry (Mon/Fri)
 Eat breakfast/vitamins
2. Think About My Day
 Check calendar
 Check To Do List
 Check email (10 min. tops)
3. Kitchen
 Wake 4 year-old
 Help her get dressed
 Start her breakfast
 Unload dishwasher
 Let out/feed dog
 Put out something to thaw for dinner

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