LDS Missionary Christmas Care Package Ideas

Update: Another Christmas Care Package idea for my newest missionary can be found here.

Today I mailed a few Christmas care packages to my son serving an LDS mission in Bolivia. About a month ago I asked him to send me ideas of what he might want or need. This year I wrapped each gift and put a mailing label on it with a scripture for him to look up. I looked up the correlating scriptures in the Topical Guide and the Bible dictionary. It was enjoyable for me, and I hope he reads them instead of tearing open all of the little packages first.

Shipping Tips:

  • Keep package weight under 4 lbs. to prevent expensive customs fees at the other end.
  • Use a postal scale at home before you get to the post office so you don’t have any surprises. When I arrived at the post office, both packages weighed 3 lbs. 14 oz. each! Pretty good.
  • Choose items that are lightweight.
  • Don’t try to send everything you desire because if he gets transferred, he can’t take it all with him.

Items I sent:

Water filtration bottle – John 3:5
Beef Jerky – Matt. 25:35
Cracker Jack’s – Matt. 12:1
Rice Krispies Treat – D&C 89:14
Starbursts – Genesis 1:16
Sugar Free Hawaiian Punch singles – John 2:3-9
Life Saver Storybook – Luke 9:56
Swedish Fish – Matt 4:19
Wonka Laffy Taffy – Eccl. 3:4
Post-it Notes – 2 Chron. 30:6
Nerf Basketball w/hoop & net – Matt. 13:47
Candycane Cocoa packets – Mark 6:8
November Conference Ensign – D&C 1:38
CTR rings in Spanish for kids – Joshua 24:15
5×7 Pictures of President Monson – Amos 3:7
Sm. Hand sanitizer – D&C 50:28
CD “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” – D&C 58:4
Oatmeal packets – D&C 89:16-21
Family Testimonies written in English & Spanish to be put in BofM’s he passes out – D&C 76:22
Pillowcase with family handprints – 3 Nephi 11:15-17
Ties for companion and converts
Willowtree Thank You ornament & bookmark for pensionistas (cooks). I wrote a thank you in Spanish on the back of each gift.
Mini Christmas tree (Walgreens)
Super-mini Christmas lights (Walgreens)
Advent Calendar
A few gifts and letters from relatives.

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