Suggested Case Lot Food Storage Items to Purchase October 2010

Each month I post a list of suggested food storage items for you to choose from as your monthly food storage focus. This list is based on seasonal grocery sales, coupon trends and patterns I’ve seen over the past few years. Combine some of these with coupons to save the most money! The list changes each month so you can stock up on a variety of things throughout the year so you’re not lop-sided in any one area.

During October, my focus is the Utah Case Lot Sales. However, if you don’t have case lot sales in your area, look through the list and you will probably find things you will want to purchase. I only listed what I consider the very best deals. If the LDS Home Storage Center or Sam’s, Costco, Winco or Walmart beats the price (meaning you can get that price anytime), I didn’t list those sale items. So this is a short list.

If you didn’t save up money for this sale, don’t worry. Just decide on a budget and choose items your family will most likely eat/use in the next 3 – 6 months. If you don’t store in buckets, then choose smaller packaged items. If you are just beginning, don’t buy dried bananas or eggs. There is a great variety of food on sale. I listed Macey’s prices because they let you purchase most items individually except a few, and some of you are on limited budgets. So stay in your budget!

Even though ketchup and barbecue sauce are on sale, I would avoid purchasing condiments like those (unless you really need them) until next summer. I wait until November for flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, evaporated milk, etc. Also, hang on to your coupons for soup, medicine, toiletries, and baking goods! Sales are coming.

After taking advantage of the Smith’s Grocery store sale earlier this month, I made one stop at the Macey’s Preparedess sale. So, I listed my planned purchases for this case lot sale at the end of this post. Plan, Plan to Save, and Save to purchase more. Good luck!

Macey’s Case Lot Items (other Associated Food stores similar)
Garden Club Corn Syrup 32 oz. (I think it’s $1.69 ea. though ad shows .48) (Macey’s)
$.99 ea. WF Apple Juice 64 oz. (If you need this size)
$2.28 24 ct. Bottled water 16.9 oz. (only if you need it. Same as Costo)
$.98 Frozen orange juice
$8.88 Morning Moos #10 regular or chocolate (Macey’s)
$11.98 Augason Whole or Scram. Dry Eggs #10 (Macey’s)
$4.98 Grandma’s Banana slices, dried #10 (Macey’s)
.33 ea. WF Mandarin Oranges 24 ct.
.78 ea. WF peaches, pears, fruit cocktail 24 ct.
.99 ea. First Harvest Peach Halves, Slices, Pear halves 29 oz. (heavy sugar) 24 ct. (Macey’s)
$12.98 Augason Farms Hard Red or White Wheat, 45 lb. pail (don’t stack more than 3 high. I store in cans because I don’t go through my wheat quickly. But this is a great price!)
$15.98 Blue Chip Rolled Oats 50 lb. bag (for people who want to store in their own buckets)
$1.98 ea. WF Pasta – elbow mac, spag, spag. thin (that’s .66 cents per lb., LDS is about .60 per lb.)
$.79 ea. DaVinci Pastas 1 lb. pkg. (lots of variety)
.33 ea. WF Mac & Cheese 4pkx6
.48 ea. WF Specialty Canned Beans (choose beans your family eats like kidney or black beans)
.48 ea. Campbell’s Spaghetti-O’s (stock up, .40 cents less than Walmart)
.39 ea. WF Chunk Light Tuna
.99 ea. WF Powdered or Brown Sugar 2 lb. (Never pay more than this! November sales similar)
$11.88 WF Sugar 25 lb. bag (November sales coming)
$9.99 ea. WF Honey (that’s $2.00 per lb.)
.44 ea. WF Tomato or WF Chicken Noodle soup
.58 ea. Camp. Tomato soup (.24 less than Costco)
.88 Campbell’s Specialty Soups (bring coupon) (Macey’s)
.48 ea. WF cream of chick or mush soup (.30 cents less than Walmart)
.48 ea. WF Tomatoes, diced, stewed, etc.
.50 ea. WF Mushroom stems & pieces (a little less at Walmart, but a case is a case)
.48 ea. WF Diced or whole Green Chiles can
. 79 WF Frozen Veggies corn, peas, beans, mixed (this sale comes around more than once)
$39.99 ea. 55 gal. Water drum (same price in the Spring)
$24.79 ea. 15 gal. Water container (same price in the Spring)
$3.98 ea. 5 gal. bucket w/lid (same price in the Spring)
$5.49 ea. 5 gal. Gamma seal lid, assort. colors (great price!) (Macey’s)

My Shopping List for Smith’s
24 @$1.00 ea. Kroger 18 oz. Peanut Butter

My Shopping List
4 @$1.98 ea. WF Pasta spag. (store in tote)
6 @$.79 ea. DaVinci Pastas 1 lb. pkg. (Penne or Rigatoni)
24 @.48 ea. WF Diced Green Chiles can
24 @ .50 ea. WF Mushroom stems & pieces
24 @.48 ea. WF cream of chick soup
24 @.48 ea. WF cream of mush soup
4 @ 1.25 ea. WF Powdered 2 lb. (store sealed bags in a bucket) less at Macey’s
8 @ 1.25 ea. WF Brown Sugar 2 lb. (store sealed bags in a bucket) less at Macey’s
24 @.48 ea. Campbell’s Spaghetti-O’s (bring coupon)
About $85.74 before tax

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