Preparing for General Conference

As I’ve pondered how I can better prepare myself and my family for the October 2010 General Conference this weekend, a few ideas have come to mind. About a month ago I began praying for the leaders of the Church to be guided by the Spirit to know what to teach us. Thinking of them has helped me look forward to General Conference.

Yesterday as I was visiting another sister in the ward, my visiting teaching companion said she had heard that if we write down the concerns or challenges we are dealing with in life before General Conference, that we would receive answers if we earnestly seek them. So, today I purchased a small notebook for myself and my teenage daughters so we could write these thoughts down, and also take notes. Today I watched the General Relief Society Meeting which I missed last week. Because I taped it on the DVR I was able to stop each talk in the middle whenever I wanted, and write down quotes, then turn the tape back on and continue. As I was listening, inspirational thoughts came to me about things I have been concerned with. It did not matter that the talk had anything to do with those concerns. But I felt the Spirit of the speakers and I was able to write down on another sheet of paper answers to some of my concerns and more. Quite remarkable!

I also wrote down “Story” and then a brief summary of a story or example given. And then quotes or counsel I found I needed in my life.

Usually the Monday after General Conference, during Family Home Evening we each share meaningful remarks or stories we remember from the meetings. This helps reinforce what has been said. Many times someone will remark, “I remember that story,” or “I remember that quote.”

For my 5 year-old, I am printing activities for her to do during the meetings. There are several online, and here are a few links. Also check out for more ideas.

Conference Squares from
Conference Coloring Page from
Conference Notebook from
2010 General Conference Notebook by Linda Allred (for older Primary kids)

I’m sure there are more ideas out there, but these are just a few. I hope you each enjoy the meetings!

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