Food Storage for Singles

“I have been searching for information on how to begin on my long term storage plan. There is loads of information for “families” but I am single. You would think it is easier. But 1 #10 can of beans after it’s opened means I would be eating that can of beans for weeks. Doesn’t seem too frugal to me and not very appetizing. Any suggestions on how a single person could prepare?” Judy

Dear Judy,

Check out this previous post on food storage for college students or singles. It includes a spreadsheet. Honestly, I store more prepared canned beans (15 oz. size) than dry beans. Much easier for me to manage. If you really want to store dry beans, you could store smaller amounts in mason jars in your kitchen pantry. For longer term storage remove the air with a Foodsaver Mason jar attachment. Go to Wendy Dewitt’s site at the bottom of my previous post.

Best wishes!

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