Best Way to Help Japan: Donate To LDS Humanitarian Services

What can you do for those in Japan? Monetary donations are the most important item needed for Japan. The LDS Church Humanitarian Services can get help quickly to people in Japan with donations. It is expensive to ship physical donations. But the Church can purchase needed items through contacts in Japan. So if you want to help, donate online to Humanitarian Services where 100% of your donations can serve those who need it.

Read this article in MSNBC: “In Japan, the Mormon network gathers the flock”

Other ideas –

  • Host a garage sale to donate funds
  • Sell something and donate funds
  • Donate your Christmas fund
  • What You Can Do – Go to this Humanitarian Services link

Mail checks here:
Humanitarian Services
50 East North Temple Street, Floor 7
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-6890

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